Are you a huge fan of hosting outdoor parties? Enjoy getting friends and family together for a weekend barbecue or throwing birthday parties for loved ones? Event tents are highly in demand amongst those who enjoy throwing get-togethers in their backyard but before you invest money in an event tent you need to know which one suits you best. Event tents are rather expensive and it is important that you make the right choice the first time you make the purchase. You can simply reuse your event tent for any other occasion so you need to make sure that when you are getting an event tent, you get it right. Purchasing an event tent is always a better option since you can save up money the next time you need a tent, you don’t have to rent it. It also gives you a reason to throw a party now and then, and in case you are thinking of throwing a party then you don’t have to book a hall, you can simply use your lawn and save up some money. And who doesn’t like saving money? I know I do! Event tents provide shelter against the sun and provide a safe space for parties. A party doesn’t seem like a party unless an event tent is involved. You can either purchase a tent by design, or by size. The most important thing you must keep in mind while purchasing a tent is how many people you might be inviting. It is always a good idea to purchase the tent that can contain the most people so that in case you want to arrange a bigger feast the next time, you can simply unpack and reuse the same one. It is advisable that before making a purchase you conduct some research on event tents, also known as gazebos. Have a party spirit that has synced with your money-saving powers? Get yourself an event tent that you could use for a very long period of time. To help you out we have configured the top 10 best event tents in 2019 for you to choose from, to make the purchase hassle free for you.

Quick Pick

1-Quictent Top Rated and Good Quality Tent for Event

Quictent is a waterproof, tear-proof event tent that offers ultra-protection against the uninvited sunlight and even the toughest of rainstorms, by far the best event tent in town. It comes with a heavy-duty steel framework that battle corrosion and rust to make it last a lifetime, and comes with removable sidewalls to make the shipping and moving process a lot easier and hassle-free. 

 The canopy is built with a high quality, thick polythene fabric which makes it more durable and protects. It comes with elastic ropes, connectors, and pegs but the best part about it is that all of these accessories can be replaced for free if you lose them. So you never have to worry about taking care of these babies, because you can always get a replacement. 

What I particularly loved about this event tent is the fact that it provides a strong connector base with the tent plates so that the structure is more stable and it doesn’t fall down whatever the case may be. It also has gorgeous window panes that just adds extra spice in the already perfect package that it is.


  • Durable frame with 32mm x 0.6 mm steel tubes
  • Strong PE and base connectors 
  • Waterproof fabric to protect against untimely rain
  • Polyethylene material tear-proof drapery
  • Protection against sunlight 
  • Lifetime Free Replacement for nuts and bolts
  • 6-month warranty against unwanted rips

2-Eurmax Best Selling Tent For Small Events

Eurmax provides an outdoor party solution in the form of an instant party tent that is not only sturdy but also durable. It has a beautiful roof that opens up to cover the top of the tent and provides safety against bad weather.  

The design is reliable and doesn’t even get me started on the strong structure, thanks to the sturdy tubes that provide appropriate support and power coated finishing that strongly resists the erosion of steel. The tube locks at three points make it convenient for you to choose your own specific height for any event, and are pretty easy to lock and release, with credits owed to thumb latch lock system. It has Velcro straps attached secure the ropes property, hence avoiding any chances of tent falling down due to strong windy weather. 

The stitching of the tent is perfectly aligned with each other to make sure there is no space in between, hence avoiding any potential leaks in rainy weather. This feature makes this event tent completely waterproof and a safe option for rainy weather. To top that, it also provides ultimate protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

As an added benefit, it also comes with a tent roller bag where you can keep your tent safe and secure after using it. it makes sure your tent stays in the best shape for a long time. it has ample space for not only the tent but also the main structural frame. To make the transportation of this event tent easier, it has wheels attached to it and a strong handle to hold it while you are moving the packed tent someplace else.


  • Completely authentic polyester that is certified against fire protection
  • 100% waterproof fabric to protect against rain
  • 8×8 tent fabric covers the roof from side-ends as well
  • Powder-coated rust-resistant tent tubes for longer durability
  • Three joints to adjust the height of the tent accordingly
  • Long-lasting roller bag with wheels to make the transportation process easier 

3-DELTA Canopies Wide Tent For Events

A long and wide option for an event tent that offers proper ventilation through the built-in windows inside the fabric sidewalls. The cover top measures 10 x 30 inches. It has efficiently designed metal connectors to provide ultimate backing and support against aggressive weather and windy atmosphere. It has a sturdy galvanized steel frame structure which shows strength for longer hours.

The polyethylene cover is completely water-resistant and proves to be resilient against rains and thunderstorms, so you won’t feel the need to run inside during rains. Instead, you can enjoy the rainy weather through the side windows which are attached to the sidewalls

It has gorgeous solid zipper walls which can be attached and removed as you please. As a bonus, it has all nuts and bolts, wires and straps included. The event tent can be anchored inside the ground for ultimate upkeep and support. 


  • Strong, rust-resistant steel frame for the best support
  • Robust metal nuts and connectors
  • Strong high quality, removable zipper walls 
  • Adjusted window styled sidewalls 
  • Protection against sunlight
  • Complete shield from water penetration
  • Easy to put together with ready to build structure

4-ABCCANOPY Best Tent For Your Events

Spacious, portable and waterproof are the three words that describe this event tent the best. It has a 10×10 inch space and the tent can be popped up to a ready-made cover that provides a freshening shade for more than 20 people without any problem at all. The event tent can be folded and then picked right back up and has three extremely handy size options.

ABBANCOPY provides convenience and ease by enabling you to put up the tent within a few minutes without any extra tools. Everything can be connected and then folded and stored for later use. it provides 50+ UV protection against sun rays and has 300 denier polyester with the most suitable PU lining to ensure safety against seepage of water. It doesn’t make the environment muggy or damp, rather the open sidewalls provide enough airflow to make sure the weather inside tent stays nice and super pleasant, thanks to the two special roof vents above the tent. 


It also includes a gorgeous wheeled backpack that can pack all your tent material including the 4 guy ropes, 4 stakes and 4 heavy-duty bags that can help you carry the material around with the most ease and comfort. If that wasn’t enough, it provides a 1-year warranty and free replaceable accessories for a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Wide spaced cover can accommodate a lot of people
  • 100 square feet of cooling shade for added comfort
  • 1mm thick powder-coated steel rods that fight rust
  • 300 Denier Polyester that has appropriate PU lining to provide protection against wind and rains
  • Proper seams to provide safety against rain
  • Advanced, super-spacious roller bag to store your tent after use
  • 2 air vents for air circulations
  • 3 conveniently adjustable height options

5-EliteShade Event Tent

Eliteshade is an instant event tent that provides an option to remove sidewalls and comes with strong support in the form of rust-resistant steel tubes. The frame is super-supportive and no matter how much rain it has to go through, it won’t rust or corrode and stay firm in the face of weather adversities. It has a gorgeous top cover that is created with the highest quality 500D polyester fabric which is stitched in a way to protect the seam from any leakage possible. This makes it completely waterproof.

If you want an option for removable sidewalls, Eliteshade also comes with that. You can use Velcro straps to remove or attach sidewalls whichever way you prefer. The fabric is certified against fire and stops UVA rays of the sun to enter inside the tent, making it a sustainable option for day-time party events. The canopy top cover has a 10×10 measurement, which is large enough to store at least 20 people. The corners are completely closed, however, the walls are individually attached so you can close 3 corners and leave 1 as an entry gate to the event tent

The event tent comes with a gorgeous roller bag that is spacious enough to contain the tent and sidewalls with the tubes. The tent can be attached easily by just physically fastening the straps with knobs and straightening it up and also provides 3 height options.

The exclusive plug about this event tent is that it has wind straps that don’t allow wind to mess up with the frame, providing it a sufficient amount of backing and support to stay in the face of abrasive weather. The wind straps can also be used to tie up balloons for a party.


  • 10×10 frame for complete coverage
  • Hammer tone powder-coated steel frame for solid structural support
  • Polyester fabric is 100% waterproof to shield you from rains
  • Provides ultimate protection against sunlight
  • Individually attachable side shelters for complete privacy
  • High quality, super spacious wheeled carry bag 
  • Three convenient height options available

6-Best Choice Products Portable Tent for Event

An outdoor event tent that helps you host a splendid party. This event tent can be easily set up using two or three steps. It has an easy to use single wind vent that allows the cool air breeze to flow properly, leaving the people inside the tent refreshed and in an enjoyable mood. It provides extreme immovability, owing to the strong construction and structure that is supported by steel pipes that battle against weathering and rust.

The measurements of the event tent are 10×10 which makes it large enough to contain a small-sized party, but small enough to fixate it in a lawn, porch or the ground.

It comes with a brilliantly designed oxford fabric cover that can help restrict sunlight from crossing the tent fabric and guards harmful rays against reaching the people inside the tent. Additionally, it comes with a carry bag that is strong enough to withstand all the weight of material including the steel rods. It also includes ropes to help you bind those gorgeous fabric drapes together and create a tent that your guests are able to enjoy in


  • Thick Fabric to help protect against UV rays
  • 1 Air vent to help air ventilation across the tent
  • 4 easy to set up air walls
  • Easy to set up using only a few tools
  • Rust-resistant steel rods for a stable construction
  • Extremely Lightweight structure and set up
  • Certified fire-resistant cover material which can be automatically extinguished

7-Coleman Hot Selling Tent For Events

An easily foldable event tent that can be launched instantly without any hassle. It provides a high amount of shelter against the sun and can be easily set up using only one person’s extra support. Brackets are easily connectable, thus ending up saving a lot of time and exertion. The event tent has a white power steel tube to provide strength and help it stand still for a longer period of time and the 210 D Oxford Cover provides added security against water outflow and drip.

The design offers a huge amount of airflow due to opened side walls and the fabric is smooth and tear-proof. It includes 4 nuts that help you fix it easily inside the ground. The strong withholding power of the rods make it very durable even on windy days and includes a bag that can contain the tent and be zipped easily.

The structure is built with a metal frame that can resist strong winds and help it be unwavering in the face of strong and relentless windstorms.

Key Features:

  • Polyester and steel poles that can form appropriate structure
  • Can include up to 6 people with no hitch
  • Quick and easy set up with ready-made attachments
  • Spider-like frame maintains the arrangement of the tent even in the windiest of weathers.