Top Quality Party Tents
Top Quality Party Tents

Do you enjoy throwing lavish parties but often have to cancel a get together due to bad weather? Enjoying getting the girls or lads together ok the weekend for some fun? We all want to throw parties that are enjoyed and remembered by those who attended, this is why it is important that your party looks the part.

If you want it make your party the talk of the town and avoid last minute cancellations due to bad weather, you need to invest in a part tent, party tents are perfect for those who enjoy throwing parties on a frequent basis..

There is no doubt that there are a lot of party tents readily available in the market, but not all of them prove to be durable and provide resistance against bad weather. It is always a good idea to read reviews from experts who have already tried the tents and have observed it’s every bit and core, and who are always hasty at bringing you the most honest and authentic reviews  

Read below to find out the 10 best party tents in 2019 that would help you host a great party that your guests would thoroughly enjoy.


Quick Choice

1-Gigatent Party Tent Canopy

Giga tent has a huge canopy that adds more charm and luxury to your party. This party tent does not only provide ample space for your guests to sit and move around but also protects them from sunlight as its life depends upon it. It comes with a metal cage that wires the fabric properly so that it is stretched and bounces back any sunlight, allowing for a cool shade that makes you and your guests feel protected and relaxed.

It has a dimension of 20×10, which is a fine size for picnics, parties and outdoor events for small businesses. The tent is strong and extremely sturdy and provides protection against metal corrosion as it is powder coated to the highest standards. The frame itself is super-strong, so if there is a chance of wind and thunderstorm you can still sit back and relax because your tent isn’t going anywhere.

The roof of the party tent has a 150 T polyester taffeta with 800 mm coating, making it one of the highest quality fabrics, perfect for long-term use without any fear of wear and tear.

It is designed to be in a long length, rather than being open and wide, which is another plug that shows the grandeur of the event. 


  • Provides an ample space of 20 ft in the floor area
  • Roof dimensions are 20×10 which is perfect for a small party
  • Includes water-resistant, wheeled carry bag for storage of the tent and accessories
  • Comes with powder coded steel accordion frame
  • Easy to set up 
  • Contains free spare accessories such as stakes and lines

2-Palm Springs Heavy Duty White Party Tent Gazebo

Palm Springs party tent is an unbelievably amazing choice for your party needs. It has a 180g polyester cover that is so lightweight, yet so durable. It provides incredible protection against seeping rain through the top and has PVC coating to block water from leaking through. Not only that, but it also has a 1.5″ powder-coated steel framework that proves to be of definitive prominence when it is guarding against metal corrosion. This will ensure that your tent is secured and is able to be used for a long period of time without drying out and getting ruined due to decomposition caused by chemical-infused rainwater. The top is the tent is built in a V-shaped to slide down the rainwater so that it does not dribble inside the tent, rather the water droplets are slipped to the ground.

The party tent is extraordinary when it comes to blocking the sun rays. No matter if it’s summer or winter, the sun rays are completely blocked, and the weather under the tent is particularly cool and breezy to keep the guests comfortable even for a party that will last a long time. 

It can easily stand firm in muddy ground, and even in cement and tiles, in case you want to place it on a firm base such as your driveway or porch. The side walls are removable and very easy to be attached since they come with nuts and bolts.

with can be fixed in like fasteners without any tools or specific equipment. This allows for the easy installation of the party tent.

The walls are pretty solid, with secure zippers if you want to close them for privacy. The sidewalls even contain windows for proper air circulation and to maintain freshness inside the party tent.


  • Steel tube frame provides sturdy support to the party tent
  • Velcro Windows for serious security and protection 
  • Zippers placed on two walls for easy access
  • 180 g polyester cover that protects against sunlight
  • 100% water-resistant cover design
  • Fasteners provide stress-free assembling

3-MTFY Best Quality Tent For Parties

This tent is perfect for a party that needs ample space with a bit of extravaganza. The MTFY party tent is 100% waterproof and comes with removable sidewalls that can be chosen according to your party arrangements and backdrop. As an additional exceptional factor, it also contains the mesh technology to scare away insects while you and your guests are having the time of your life.

The side walls are built while keeping in view proper ventilation of air and breeze. It also maintains temperature by not allowing too much air to cross in winters and allowing ample air circulation in summer. Each individual wall has a separate zipper, so it can be easily detached or closed without any hassle.

It has a 10×30 ft cover size that provides over 300 ft of space under it, allowing most of the guests to rejoice your party in the shade. It can contain almost 60 people with ease.  

The party tent is created with polyethylene fabric that has joints that are sealed properly so not even a droplet can escape from the seam of the tent fabric. The frame is extremely sturdy and is built with high-grade steel to avoid corrosion and protect against paint chipping due to bad weather. It has a full truss structure with spiral joints and solid base plates, so it won’t fall down and stay steady in its place even if the event goes on for a longer time period. 

Additionally, it contains all the accessories including fasteners, tie ropes and extra cords for tent extension


  • Sturdy high-grade steel frame for ultra-protection
  • Heat-sealed seams for water protection
  • Removable sidewalls with windows
  • 10×30 size provides large space 
  • Spiral tubes for added strength and structure

4-Wonlink Top Rated Tent for Parties

The wonlink is an easy instant pop up canopy that can be installed by folding and unfolding the event tent whenever the needed arises. It has removable sidewalls that can be detached in case you require more ventilation and air cross, and also includes 2 zipper doors on the side walls. For added ventilation, it has 4 transparent windows that are huge enough to provide massive aeration and keeps things fresh inside the tent

This tent can be adjusted in three heights, and have a space of 310 sq feet, thanks to the 10×20 feet top cover size. It is structured with a high-quality steel frame that has a white powder coat that blocks the paint from chipping or the steel from getting erosion and rust. 

The 210 D oxford fabric is 100% waterproof and also blocks UV rays from entering the tent.

It is equipped with the necessary screws, nuts, and bolts that are required for the installation of the tent and even comes with a carry bag to store the tent and the screws later on. The bag has strong wheels and can be moved around without lifting much weight.


  • Removable Sidewalls for ventilation
  • 3 height settings: 10.5, 7.5, 3.5
  • Easy and quick set up 
  • High-quality Steel Frame for a secure structure
  • Free roller carrying bag for storage

6-Tangkula Good Looking Tent for Outdoor Party


The tangula party tent is more like a pop-up tent that is extremely easy to set up and assemble, thanks to only a few accessories that need to be connected to set this thing up in no time. it has strong rust-resistant powder coal that helps provide ultimate protection against metal corrosion, so this tent is a great choice for rainy days and bad weather. the party tent can easily be folded so you don’t need to assemble it again when reusing it for another party, you can simply unfold it and get it set up without any hassle.

It is waterproof, so you can expect security and safety against water seepage through the top of the tent. In addition to that, it also protects against sunlight and UV rays as it is armed with a 210 D oxford cloth as a top cover to provide an ultimate shield against the sun rays.

The tent can be adjusted accordingly to the height preferred by you, thanks to the adjustable knobs that come with it. it also has a carry bag that contains ropes and stakes for proper attachment. Each tent contains 4 wind ropes and 8 excavators to help you tie up the tent with ease and comfort


  • Steel rust-resistant frame for rainy days
  • Easily foldable and reusable 
  • Oxford Fabric cover guards the guests against sunlight
  • Easy to set up using a few accessories
  • Equipped with ropes and diggers
  • 10×10 size for a compact-sized party
  • Provides appropriate ventilation and shade

7-Peaktop Outdoor Best Selling Party Tent


The Peaktop​ party tent is a waterproof tent that has 6 detachable sidewalls with 3 large windows on each sidewall. It has a curtain-based entrance that can be zipped properly if required. This party tent is amazing for events which are to be held in rainy weather since it provides ultimate protection and repels water droplets. The steel framework is rust-resistant, so the steel rods will be able to maintain the quality and structure for a long time.

It has a dimension of 10 x 20 ft, which is enough to contain around 20 to 25 guests for a cocktail party, and 10 to 15 guests for a dinner party. It can be connected and attached through the fasteners that come with the party tent and does not require screws to fix the nuts and bolts in.

The tent has a polyethylene cover that can easily block up the dangerous rays that are emitted from the sun. To top that, it can be easily turned into a temporary driveway to keep a guest’s car safe and secure for a few nights.


  • Water Resistant Polyethylene Cover for UV sun rays protection
  • Detachable Sidewalls with Windows for appropriate ventilation
  • Easy installation through fasteners 
  • Easy erection on rigid surfaces 

8-Tentand Table Best & Hot Selling White Party Tent

This canopy tent is a gorgeous addition to your party tent collection. It comes with a complete set of storage bags, heavy-duty Vinyl, rods and straps to give it appropriate support. The heavy-duty 14 vinyl guards against the destruction of fabric and rods and make sure that the material is sustained for a long term use, providing value for your money.

 The size of 20 x 20 is perfect for a small party of 40 people or even more. The tent is designed to host cocktail parties, wedding parties or even a day-time church-related event. If you want to host a seminar or a graduation party, this tent would be a good option since it provides protection from sunlight and helps a proper airflow from the sidewalls, allowing a cool breeze of air to pass through the party tent every now and then. 

What makes it special is that it is extremely lightweight so it can be transported easily for events that are going to be held in another city. As a bonus, it can also be packed within no time. Not only that, since safety always comes first, the vinyl protects the tent from the fire of all sorts and is certified from the national fire resistance for being of the highest standard.


  • 20×20 size is best for hosting grand dinners or seminars
  • Fabric is fire resistant according to the national fire protection standards
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to assemble 
  • Comes with a storage bag to hoard on the accessories at one place
  • Steel rods can be easily set up in the mud

9-DELTA Canopies Top Rated Tent


This party tent comes with a premium quality galvanized steel framework to build an appropriate structure and give strength to the frame even in bad weather. The Delta Canopy provides four structured walls and a strong top cover and turns out to be a pretty secure box for guests if you want privacy from the outside world.


 This event tent makes it possible for you to have a private space for your guests where they can enjoy themselves to the fullest, since it is fully closed, thanks to the sidewalls that are attached to the tent. You don’t need to pay for an expensive hotel ballroom when you can just set up your own with the Delta Canopies. The walls are removable as well, which means that if you decide to have an open-air, open-spaced party you can have the luxury of having it within this tent.  


The 12, beautifully curated side windows make it possible for air to cross through the tent, providing proper exposure to air and ventilation for a longer time. The top cover is bounded properly. As a result, it provides 100% water protection at all costs, and the 2 zipper doors provide ease and safety to your guests.


It comes with all hardware and accessories that you require to set it up, you don’t have to purchase anything from the hardware store. It also includes 3 huge storage bags to store the tent’s material safely. This party tent is perfect for grassy areas so that it can be tied up properly using stakes and ropes 


  • Provides ultimate security due to sidewalls
  • Proper air ventilation through the side windows
  • 100% waterproof top cover
  • 30x 20 dimensions provide massive space for a large number of guests 
  • Fabric provides UV Protection against sunlight
  • 3 storage bags to contain all the accessories

10-BenefitUSA Big Party Tent for Wedding & Events


The Benefits USA party tent is candidly and utterly gorgeous, with beautifully designed intricate window patterns that provide proper airflow but are an epitome of elegance with comfort. This tent has a unique design of 4 sidewalls in which 3 of them have windows, and 1 doesn’t have any. The out of the box design allows the guests to easily mingle or go around the tent without any hassle. It also allows easy assembling of the accessories. The materials are of the highest quality, including the poles which even though look glamorous, but are sturdy and strong in the face of wind and rains. The steel pole is covered with white powder coating which is manufactured with waterproof polyethylene cover and is 100% rust-resistant. The poles offer extreme immovability and firmness, as well as stability against bad weather.

The fabric is proofed against sunlight and harmful UV rays but allows the passage of air to avoid humidity and muggy weather. Walls of the party tent are removable with Velcro, so you can only use the top in case you are hosting a huge audience and only want the cover as a way to showcase the actual event.

In case you’d like for the panels to be attached to other panels with the use of extensions, it can also be done to make more space for a bigger guest list. The ropes secure the tent’s extensions in place and resist the materials to be ripped apart.


  • 30 x 10 ft dimensions for the top cover provide space for guests to move around easily
  • Easy to assemble without any specific tools and procedures
  • Includes 3 sidewalls with beautiful flowy windows, and 1 sidewall without window
  • Provides security from the rain with polyethylene waterproof cover
  • Removable walls for more air ventilation
  • Extensions available for larger space